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The error message "Palm user not found" can mean one of two things:

  • You have configured CompanionLink to sync with Palm Desktop, but the Palm Desktop user has not yet be set, or is set for a user that does not exist
  • You are attempting to sync with an old Palm OS device (e.g. Centro or Tungsten), but have not yet synced that device with Palm Desktop. Note, this does not apply to webOS devices such as the Pre or Pixi.

If you are configuring CompanionLink to sync with Palm Desktop

  1. Open CompanionLink Setup and click "Palm Desktop Settings"
  2. Verify the user name selected is the one you wish to sync with; this is likely the user name that appears in the upper-right of Palm Desktop after you open it
  3. Click OK to save the setting in CompanionLink Seutp

If you are attempting to sync to a Palm OS device with CompanionLink

Please first refer to your the documentation of your Palm OS device on how to establish a sync between the device and Palm Desktop. You will not be able to set us the sync with CompanionLink until your Palm OS device is capable of syncing with Palm Desktop.

If you are not able to get your Palm OS (note: the Pre and Pixi are not Palm OS devices) device to sync with Palm Desktop, we will likely not be able to provide a solution for you. You may attempt to troubleshoot this issue your self, or upgrade to a modern phone. CompanionLink is capable of syncing to a variety of handheld devices.