PalmOS connection could not be established

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"The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again."

1. Ensure HotSync Manager is running

If you do not see the HotSync Manager icon running in your system tray, attempt to start it manually.
Start > Programs > Palm Desktop > HotSync Manager

2. Ensure HotSync Manager Connection Type is Correct

Right-click the HotSync Manager icon in your system tray (near your system clock). Ensure that you have "Local", “Local USB”, or “Local Serial” (if using a serial cable) checked off.

3. Check the USB Cable

Check that your USB cable is plugged into the PC and handheld. If you had previously had the device connected, try plugging it into the same USB port that it was in before.

4. Palm Desktop Software is Installed

Ensure that you have the Palm Desktop installed on your PC.
If you do not have the Palm Desktop installed, use the CD that came with your handheld device or see the Palm website to download.

5. Reset Device

Try performing a soft reset on the handheld. Power off the device, power it back up, then attempt to sync again.

6. Windows Login User

If you had previously been able to do a HotSync, ensure you are logged into your PC using the same Windows login as before. If you are now logging in using a different user name, HotSync may not work. If you can not log in using the old user name, Re-install the Palm Desktop using the current user.

7. Disable IR hotsync if using a laptop computer

Right-click the HotSync Manager icon in your system tray (near your system clock). Uncheck “Infrared” if it is selected.