Outlook for Mac 2011 and Google via DejaCloud

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CompanionLink for Mac synchronizes your Mac's Contacts/Address Book and Calendar/iCal apps with Google via DejaCloud. You can also set up two-way sync between Outlook for Mac 2011 and these apps to keep Google and Outlook 2011 in sync via DejaCloud.

NOTE: Microsoft has published a support article with the following information: "With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple no longer maintains active support for Sync Services. You might experience issues...". In our tests, we have seen no issues syncing between Outlook for Mac 2011 and the Apple Contact and Calendar apps in Apple's latest OS releases, OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) and OS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion). If you are experiencing issues with the Outlook 2011 and Apple apps (Contacts/Address Book, Calendar/iCal, Reminders) sync not working, try the following:

1. Log In/Out of your Mac user account

2. You may have the sync configured to sync with the incorrect or a removed Outlook "identity". Reset Outlook Sync Services to fix the issue.

Known issues with Outlook 2011, DejaOffice and OS X. Outlook for Mac Sync Services is not supported under OSX 10.9 Mavericks. If you need Outlook sync you need to avoid upgrading to Mavericks.

How to Set up Apple Contacts/Address Book and Calendar/iCal to sync with Outlook 2011

1. Open Outlook. From the Outlook drop-down menu in the top bar, select "Preferences".

2. On the bottom row of options select "Sync Services"

3. Select which Outlook data sets you would like to sync with the Apple Contacts/Address Book and Calendar/iCal.

4. Once you exit the setting menu the sync should start almost immediately. NOTE: There is no way to "force" the sync.

NOTE: Outlook Calendar and Tasks sync requires Outlook for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 or higher. Microsoft AutoUpdate

How to Set up CompanionLink for Mac to sync with DejaCloud

1. Open CompanionLink For Mac

2. Under Device select Sync with DejaCloud

3. Under Sync Method select DejaCloud Sync

4. Select the settings icon and enter your DejaCloud login

5. Select Advance Settings

6. Select the Calendar tab

7. In the drop-down menu select your default calendar

8. Then select any additional calendar you wish to sync

9. Now select the Task tab

10. Select your default Reminders list and any additional list. Then press OK.

11. Select the Synchronize button to sync your Mac data to DejaCloud

How to Set up DejaCloud Connector to Google

1. Log into your DejaCloud account here: http://crm.dejaoffice.com/

2. Select Account Status (last icon on the left panel)

3. Select Connectors

4. Select Add Google Account

5. Verify the correct Google account in currently logged in

6. Select Accept

Now to initiate the sync go back to Connectors, then select Edit next to your Google Account and select the conduits you wish to sync (i.e. contacts, calendar, task)