Manually installing DejaOffice for BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry 10

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These directions show you how to manually install DejaOffice (also known as sideloading) onto your PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 device. You’ll first save DejaOffice to your computer, then use another application to install it onto your device.

NOTE: DejaOffice is now available in BlackBerry World. Manual installation is no longer required!

Install DejaHub to your BlackBerry 10 device

These instructions will help you manually install DejaHub onto your BlackBerry 10 device:

  1. [Click here] to download DDPB, a program that allows you to directly install applications to your Playbook/BlackBerry 10
  2. [Click Here] to download the DejaHub application to your PC.
  3. After DejaHub (or DejaOffice) is finished downloading, drag it to your desktop - You should now see on your desktop
    • If you don't see file extensions, you can turn them on in Windows Control Panel > Folders > View and uncheck hide file extensions for known file types
    • If the file extension is .zip, please rename the file extension to .bar before unzipping
  4. Turn on developer options for your BlackBerry 10 device (Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode = On)
  5. Open the DDPB program on your computer
  6. Plug your BB10 into the PC using a USB cable
  7. Press Scan in DDPB
  8. Select your BB10's IP address then press Select
  9. Enter your BB10's password into DDPB
  10. Press Connect — DDPB should now read Connected
  11. Click Add
  12. Select the file from your desktop and press open — should now be visible within DDPB
  13. Press Install — After the installation completes you should see a message reading Done