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Where does CompanionLink/DoubleLook/DoubleNotes install?

  • Program Files: c:\Program Files\CompanionLink
  • Settings:
    • Windows 95/98/Me: c:\Program Files\[CLAppName]
    • Windows 2000/NT/XP: c:\Documents and Settings\[Windows username]\Application Data\CompanionLink\[CLAppName]
    • Windows Vista/Windows 7': c:\Users\[Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\CompanionLink\[CLAppName]

Example: c:\Documents and Settings\JDoe\Application Data\CompanionLink\DoubleLook

It is recommended that the program be installed to the default location. You cannot install CompanionLink, DoubleLook or DoubleNotes on a network drive. Doing so will give you an error message.

Because the settings files are typically stored in a different folder, uninstalling the program will not remove the settings (unless you are using Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me).

Received a "Cannot open file" or "not a Win32 file" error message for the install.

The download program was corrupted or did not finish downloading. Simply download from the website and try again. Please make sure to save the file to your hard drive and run the download from that file rather than choosing the Open option in the download. If the same problem recurs, please contact our Technical Support department at the below website:

Error code 1316

This is a common error. To correct this, you would want to uninstall CompanionLink, then delete the leftover program folder (typically c:\Program Files\CompanionLink) if this is still present, then retry the installation.

How do I install CompanionLink/DoubleLook/DoubleNotes on Windows Vista/Windows 7?

Save the installation file to your computer, then right-click the installation file and choose Run As Administrator.

How do I know CompanionLink/DoubleLook/DoubleNotes has finished installing?

Near the end of the installation, a folder will open with the program icons which have been added to your Start menu. Minimize this window or close it, then return to the setup program and click on the Finish button. The installation process will then close, and you may configure the program. Do not configure the program if you are unable to finish the installation.

How do I start CompanionLink?

CompanionLink may be launched through by clicking on the Start menu, then choosing Programs, CompanionLink and CompanionLink Setup or by double clicking the CompanionLink Setup shortcut on the desktop. The CompanionLink Setup program allows you to configure the program, make changes to settings or mapping information, access the Category Manager and view the Help files.

If you are synchronizing with a handheld type of Outlook, Palm Desktop or with a Pocket PC through Outlook, you may begin synchronization by clicking on the Synchronize button from the main screen, or by using the CompanionLink Synchronize shortcut. If you are not using one of these, and are instead synchronizing a Palm or synchronizing a Pocket PC directly to your contact manager, then you should NOT use the CompanionLink Synchronize option.

I entered my keycode and now it has disappeared.

The keycode disappears once it has been entered. After you enter the keycode, a prompt that says, 'Now configured as CompanionLink Express/Professional / DoubleLook / DoubleNotes', will be displayed. You will need to exit CompanionLink/DoubleLook/DoubleNotes and reopen the program in order to see this change happen. Until you do so, the program will still display the Register option, even though you have registered it.

You can confirm the version of CompanionLink by the title on the main CompanionLink window, or by clicking on the File menu in CompanionLink Setup and then the first line. This will show you exactly which version you have.

Your keycode is only good for that particular computer, and will change if you change computers or reformat the computer. It will also change if you upgrade your CompanionLink version. New keycodes may be obtained by using the Keycode Request Form at the below website:

What other software must be installed for CompanionLink/DoubleLook/DoubleNotes to work?

  • For Palm OS devices (such as Palm, HandSpring, Sony, Kyocera), you must install Palm Desktop.
  • For Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices(such as IPAQ, Toshiba, Jornada), you must install Microsoft ActiveSync. This program should come on a CD with your handheld.
  • If you choose to sync via USB cable to your iPhone/iPad/iPod You will need to have iTunes and Outlook installed on your PC
  • If you choose to sync via USB cable to a BlackBerry. You will need to have BlackBerry Desktop Software/Manager isntalled on your PC
  • For DoubleLook, you must have Microsoft Outlook installed.
  • For DoubleNotes, you must have Lotus Notes installed.

How do I update to a newer version of CompanionLink / DoubleLook / DoubleNotes?

Once CompanionLink, DoubleLook or DoubleNotes has been registered, updates may be downloaded from the website at any time. New versions of these programs are released periodically and may contain enhanced features or bug fixes. In order to update the program, first exit the program so that it is no longer running. If you are synching direct, please also disconnect your handheld. Then download the evaluation version from our download page and install this over the top of the existing version. Once the upgrade has been installed, open the program and double check the configuration to make sure your settings have not changed. Some configuration options may be changed, added or removed.

If you are updating to the same version of CompanionLink Express or Professional, or to any version of DoubleLook/DoubleNotes, your program will NOT be reverted to an evaluation copy. If you are updating from version 3.0 to version 4.0 of CompanionLink or if you are updating from the Sage version of our software, then your program will be reverted to evaluation. You will need to obtain a new keycode from our Sales department.

Am I eligible for the free upgrade to CompanionLink 4.0?

If you purchased CompanionLink 3.0 after January 1, 2009 you are eligible for a free upgrade from CompanionLink 3.0 to CompanionLink 4.0. To upgrade please exit out of your current installation of CompanionLink then visit our Download page and download the appropriate 4.0 version of our software. Once it is downloaded open up CompanionLink Setup -> file -> Register. In this menu enter your name and email address and then hit verify.

Can I install CompanionLink/DoubleLook/DoubleNotes on a network?

CompanionLink must be installed on a local computer. This must be the same computer that the handheld is synched on. CompanionLink can only be used under one Windows username. If you have multiple users on your Windows system, CompanionLink will only work with one of these.

We recommend using DoubleLook and DoubleNotes on a local computer. This is because local files generally cannot be accessed through the network. However, if you are interested in network functionality, you may contact our Sales department via email at or toll-free at 1-800-386-1623.

CompanionLink, DoubleLook and DoubleNotes can all access contact manager databases that are stored on a network.

Do I need to fill in my company name?

The installation process will ask you to enter your name and company name. Both of these blanks must be filled out. It does not matter what you enter into these blanks as long as you enter something. 'N/A' is a perfectly acceptable entry.

My install just stalls. It never finishes installing.

This is a known problem, and generally relates to having too many programs running in Windows. To fix this, either close as many of the running programs as you can (including programs running in the lower righthand corner of your desktop by the clock, such as sync software and virus scan software) and retry the installation, or restart your computer in Safe mode and retry the installation. If you do install the software in Safe mode, make sure to reboot normally before configuring the program.

I upgraded my software, and my CompanionLink turned into an evaluation version.

You will need to use the Keycode Request Form to obtain the proper keycode.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of CompanionLink, you may need to pay an upgrade fee. For example, upgrading from CompanionLink 2.0 to 4.0 would require an upgrade fee. Upgrading the build of CompanionLink within a version is always free.