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All CompanionLink Products have been fully compatible with Outlook 2010 since May 2010.

This includes Outlook 2010 32-bit, and Outlook 2010 64-bit. CompanionLink runs on all versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 including 64-bit versions.

For Outlook 2010, Outlook needs to be installed on your Windows Computer. You cannot use the "Click-to-Run" version because it doesn't install the data drivers. Note: Outlook 2013 "Click-to-Run" is fully compatible with CompanionLink.

CompanionLink products, like all Outlook Add-On products, cannot run with Outlook 2010 in "Click to Run" mode.

You can verify whether or not you have the click-to-run version installed by:

1) Opening Outlook 2010

2) Going to the file tab

3) Open help from the left-side

4) If you have the click-to-run version installed, it will say so on the right-hand side

Follow the link below for instructions on how to install a full version of Office 2010: