IPhone/iPad/iOS Wi-Fi Unable to Connect to Remote Device (Advanced)

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Verify Settings

Verify Build

To Verify your Build open the DejaOffice Application on your device.

Please open the DejaOffice application on your device

Select Release Notes

Select Release Notes

The most current build is 1.2.8

Most Current Build is 1.2.8

Verify CompanionLink Settings

Ensure CompanionLink is configured for your sync. Please ensure in the first and second drop down box you have selected

"Apple device(Wi-Fi Sync)"

Ensure first drop down is set to "Apple device(Wi-Fi Sync)"

Ensure the third drop down is set to the proper Contact Manager

Ensure proper Contact Manager

For more information about your setup click here.

Verify DejaOffice is Configured for Wi-Fi Sync

To verify DejaOffice is configured for a Wi-Fi Sync open the DejaOffice Application on the device.

Open the DejaOffice Application

Select Settings.

Select Settings

Select Sync.

Select Sync

Ensure the CL Wi-Fi Sync is selected.

Ensure the CL Wi-Fi Sync is selected

Back out to the main screen of DejaOffice.

Select Sync

Select Sync

Ensure the IP address noted in DejaOffice matches what has been inputted in to CompanionLink Setup.

Note: If your device IP address begins with the number 169, this indicates a DHCP problem.
You will be unable to sync until you resolve this concern. The most common solution is to reset
your router.

Ensure the IP matches in DejaOffice and CompanionLink

Ensure the IP matches in DejaOffice and CompanionLink

Verify DejaOffice is Open

Please ensure the DejaOffice application is open on the device when you initiate the sync.

Sync Start Point

When syncing to an Apple device via Wi-Fi the sync must be initiated from within CompanionLink.

Select Synchronize from with CompanionLink

Verify the Device and PC are on the same Server

To verify DejaOffice the Device and PC are on the same server open the DejaOffice Application

Open the DejaOffice Application

Select Sync

Select Sync

Take note of the IP address for later use.

Ensure the IP matches in DejaOffice and CompanionLink

Open a web browser.

Open a Web Browser

In the address bar enter the [device IP address]:8090

Enter the device IP followed by :8090

If you receive a message noting the "DejaOffice Server is Running". (See Image Below) Continue to Attempt to Disconnect and Reconnect the device.

DejaOffice Server is running

If there is any other response, this indicates that there is no Wi-Fi connectivity between your PC and your device. You will not be able to sync until you establish connectivity.

Attempt to Disconnect the Device and Reconnect it

On the device select Settings.

Select Wi-Fi

Select Wi-Fi

Tap on the blue circle arrow icon next to the network that is currently connect

Select the blue circle arrow icon

Tap "Forget this network"

Tap "Forget this Network

Re-Tap on the same Wi-Fi network and enter the password to reconnect

Once you have reconnected please verify your settings are correct and attempt to sync.

Attempting to PING the device

To attempt to PING the device please follow the instructions below:

Open the DejaOffice Application on your device

Tap the Sync icon

Take note of the IP address

On the PC

Select Start.

Select Start

Select All Programs.

All Programs

Select Accessories

Select Accessories

Select Command Prompt.

In the window that appears please type ping (your IP address). This will be the IP address we noted on the phone. For example if we wished to ping a device with an IP address of we would type the following.

ping (your IP address)

You will either receive a message saying "Reply From" which means your PC is able to communicate with the device. Or you will receive a message noting "Request Timed Out" on the PC.

This message means your device is unable to communicate with your PC, CompanionLink will be unable to synchronize until this is resolved.

Other Known Issues

If you have BrowserSafeGuard installed on your PC, DejaOffice for iPhone will be unable to complete a WIFI sync. To check, open task manager and see if BrowserSafeGuard.exe is running in the processes.

The only resolution is to completely uninstall the BrowserSafeGuard application.