How to use your own Google task API key

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This article only applies to CompanionLink build 5021 and higher.

CompanionLink uses shared API keys to access your Google tasks. Google places a daily limit on the use of these keys.

If you receive a "Daily Limit Exceeded" error when syncing tasks, you can fix the problem by generating your own Google API key, using the instructions below:

a) Generate your own Google API key

  1. Log into your Google account using your web browser.
  2. After you're logged in, visit
  3. Click on APIs Console.
  4. Click Create project....
  5. In the All services list, click the On/Off switch next to Tasks API.
  6. Accept the terms of service.
  7. Click on API Access.

Your API key should now display (the key is typically a string of 30 - 40 characters).

b) Configure CompanionLink to use your Google API key

  1. Exit CompanionLink, if it is running.
  2. Open the following file with a text editor:

    C:\Program Files\CompanionLink\googletasks.txt

  3. Delete all entries in the file.
  4. Paste in your own API key, which you found above, at the top of the file.
  5. IMPORTANT: After pasting in your key, press Enter, to create a new line (CompanionLink needs a new line after your API key to properly read it).
  6. Save the file.

CompanionLink will now use your API key when accessing Google tasks, which should prevent the daily limit error from occurring.