How to configure Office 2013 PC Install without using Office 365 Cloud

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Download and Install of Office 2013 PC

1. Sign in to Office 365, and then click 'PC & Mac'.

  • NOTE: If an admin, select Admin > Settings > Office 365 Settings > Software

2. Under 'Office' > Select 'Install'.

3. The installer guide will ask you to "Sign In", beneath select "No Thanks, maybe later."


4. Complete Installation.

Configuring Outlook 2013 PC Install

1. Open the Outlook 2013 PC install.

  • NOTE: Opening Outlook 2013 for the first time will automatically start the email setup wizard.

2. Select 'File'.

3. Select the 'Account Settings' drop down menu > Select 'Account Settings'.


4. Select 'New'.


5. Enter your account and server information to finish the email account setup.

Note: If Office 365 Cloud is already enabled on the Outlook 2013 PC Install, do the following to disable:

  1. Open Outlook 2013 PC Install.
  2. Select 'File'
  3. Select "Office Account'
  4. Select "Sign Out'

Setting up secure sync with Outlook 2013

Select the following guide to set up for your phone or tablet: Sync_with_Outlook