How to complete or clear multiple activities in ACT

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In order to complete most/all of your past activities in a few steps, please follow the steps below. Please note, these steps are for ACT! 2005 and higher

1.Open Act.

2.Go to the View menu.

3.Click on Task List.

4.At the top of the screen, set Dates to Past.

5.Under Types, click all of the types you wish to complete.

6.Under Priorities, click all of the priorities you wish to complete.

7.At the top right, there will be a dropdown menu for Options.

8.Make sure that Show Only Timeless and Showed Cleared Activities are unchecked.

9.A list of past activities should be displayed below.

10.Click on the first activity in the list.

11.Scroll down to the last activity in the list.

12.Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and left-click on the last activity.

13.Right-click the selected activities.

14.Click on Clear Multiple Activities.

15.Click on Completed.

16.Click OK.

17.This will leave the recurring activities in the list. Recurring activities must be erased and cannot be cleared.