How to back up Palm Desktop database

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How to Export the Palm Desktop data.

1.Open the Palm Desktop.

2.Go to the View menu and make sure that "Show Private Records" is selected.

3.Go to the area you want to export, such the Address Book, Datebook, Todo list, etc and click on File and Export.

4.Make sure that the range is set to all records.(this setting is in the Lower left hand corner)

You will need to do this for each area of Palm Desktop that you wish to backup.

5. Once the Range is set to ALL, look to see where the file will be saved. Change it to your preference or to the Desktop so you can find it easily if needed.

6.Do not change the file type but you need to name the file i.e. Palm datebook 12-16-2010, Palm addressbook 12-16-2010, etc

7.You need to export individually for Contacts/Addressbook, Calendar/DateBook, Todos/Tasks, Memos/Notes.