How to Migrate Palm Desktop Data to DejaOffice PC CRM

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The following guide will go over how to migrate Palm Desktop Data into DejaOffice PC CRM. There is a video further down the page if you prefer these steps in video form.

This guide assumes that the desired data is on the Palm Desktop and ready to be synced. This guide assumes you have DejaOffice PC installed, registered and otherwise ready to use, if not there are links below to help you with that process.

Using the Setup Wizard


By Default DejaOffice PC will first launch with the setup wizard open, you can also access this in the future by going to DejaOffice PC > Settings > Setup Wizard

  1. Click Next to begin the setup wizard
  2. The CRM Style is just minor visual changes, this can be changed later in DejaOffice PC > Settings > General Settings > CRM Style, click Next
  3. PC Data Source > Palm Desktop, click Settings then reference this guide guide, click Next
  4. Leave the Mobile Phone or Tablet as "None", you can return to this to setup the phone sync, click Next
  5. Click Next/Finish until complete
  6. Click Sync Now in the bottom left

Using Sync Settings

Palm Desktop Migration.jpg
  1. Open DejaOffice PC
  2. Click Settings > Sync Settings
  3. Ensure "Sync Settings Handled by" is set to "DejaOffice PC"
  4. Select Palm Desktop in PC Data Source
  5. Click Settings under Palm Desktop and use the following guide guide
  6. Once you are done with the settings, Click Ok then Sync Now in the bottom left


How to Migrate Palm Desktop to DejaOffice PC CRM