How to Disconnect Outlook for Mac Sync to Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts

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When you connect a Google Account to Outlook for Mac using the default options, this also links the account to Microsoft's Cloud to allow for Contact and Calendar sync. The following guide will help you disconnect your Google account from Microsoft's Cloud, which will allow you to get your Gmail in Outlook for Mac, but prevent their Google Contacts\Calendar sync.

Why Disconnect Microsoft's Cloud from your Google Account

  1. Prevent a Sync Loop: If you have CompanionLink for Mac installed and are setting up a Sync between Outlook for Mac and Google, this can cause a sync loop, as CompanionLink for Mac and Microsoft's Cloud would be syncing the Outlook data to the same Google Account.
  2. More Control over your data and the Sync: Microsoft's Cloud sync is always a two-way sync, there are no options to set sync directions like with CompanionLink for Mac. Also this keeps your data out of the Microsoft's Cloud and only stores it locally in Outlook and in Google.
  3. Task Sync: Currently only CompanionLink for Mac offers Task sync to the Google Tasks. Microsoft's Cloud sync only supports Contacts and Calendar.
  4. Custom Folders: Not using the Microsoft Cloud connection allows you to create your own Contact folders for better Contact, Calendar and Task Organization within Outlook.
  5. Faster Sync: Calendar sync to Google Calendar using the Microsoft Cloud sync occurs within a minute or two of adding a record. Contacts only sync once every 24 hours. With CompanionLink for Mac there are several auto sync options to ensure Google is update to date with any Outlook changes as fast as possible.

How to Connect a Google Account to Outlook for Mac without the Microsoft Cloud Connection

  1. Check that the "Enable IMAP" option is enabled in your Google Account. Click Here directly open your Gmail Email Settings (You might need to sign in to your Google Account).
  2. Add the Google Account as an IMAP Email to Outlook. If this is a new install of Outlook for Mac, when prompted to connect an email account, enter the Google Email Account name and click Continue. If you already have an email connected to Outlook for Mac, select Tools, select Accounts, and click the + in the bottom left to Add an Account.
  3. Instead of choosing "Continue" on the next screen, select the "Not Google?" option in the top right.
  4. Select IMAP\POP, enter the Google Account Password in the Password Field and select Add Account.

This will connect the Google Email account without the Microsoft Cloud connection for Contacts and Calendar Sync. You can now install CompanionLink for Mac to control the sync without a sync loop.