Google Calendar Error 404 - June 2019

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Update: Google has resolved this issue as on 10 AM PST. If you were having sync issues this morning, please try your sync once more.

Google Calendar Outage

6/18/19: As of 7:30 AM EST Google Calendar is experiencing an Outage. This affects any CompanionLink users that are syncing to a Google account.


To check the current status of the Outage by loading your Google Calendar via a browser Here. If you receive a "404 Not Found" error, the outage is still in effect.

You can also follow the Outage via Twitter.

As soon as Google has resolved the Outage issue, all CompanionLink syncs with Google should continue as normal.

CompanionLink Alternatives to Google Sync


Any CompanionLink user syncing via Wifi, USB, or the DejaCloud will be unaffected by this Google Outage.

To setup an alternative sync via Wifi, USB, or DejaCloud, check out our Setup Guides.

CompanionLink also offers a local PC CRM, which isn't reliant on any server to use. For more details, check out the DejaOffice PC CRM.