General: Basic Windows Mobile WMDC Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting Windows Mobile devices on Vista or Windows 7 Here are a few steps in troubleshooting WMobile devices in WMDC:

Q1: Does the device connect to WMDC?

If no = try deleting the Partnership in WMDC and recreating it.

If yes = leave the partnership in WMDC center alone, if the device connects the partnership is usually good. (move on to Q2)

Q2: Are the CLX conduits present in WMDC? (Select Mobile Device Settings > Change content sync settings > look for CLX conduits)

If no: install manually (see below)

If yes: see if the user can uncheck and recheck the CLX conduits (are the conduits grayed out)

(If the user is not able to toggle the clx conduits on and off and the conduits are grayed out, this usually means that was installed on the device but then was removed. So the conduits are disabled. You will need to manually reinstall the CL app on the device. See Below)

Here is how to manually install the application.

On your Pc:

Go to C:\Program Files\CompanionLink\WinCE

Copy the

Connect your device

Go to "My Computer"

Open Window Mobile Device icon

Paste the file in you "My Documents" Folder on your device

Unplug the device

Go to "My Documents" on your device and find the file

Click to run and install the file