GM - How to Complete Multiple Activites

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GoldMine - How to Complete Multiple Activites



1.Open GoldMine.

2.Go to the View menu.

3.Click on Activity List.

4.Click on the Open tab. This is the list of active calendar entries.

5.Right-click anywhere in this window.

6.Click on Options.

7.Click on Auto-Update.

8.Put a checkmark next to Complete Select Activity Types Only.

9.Check all of the applicable boxes.

10.Include a date range for the activities you wish to complete. (Recommended: 1/1/1900 to yesterday's date)

11.At the top, you may add a result code and a success option, if you wish. This step is optional.

12.Click OK. This will automatically complete all of the activities with these types in this date range.