GENERAL - Sync 2 phones with one PC - need CLP

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[AB42502] For most CompanionLink products, you can synchronize two PC's to one phone simply by installing CompanionLink on both PCs. This is common for Home and Work for one person.

To sync two different phones to one PC, or a phone and also a "pad" device, you need CompanionLink Professional.

CompanionLink Professional has profile logic so you can set up a separate profile for each device. Each profile can sync to a separate database on the PC, or it may sync to the same database. CompanionLink Pro allows up to three sync profiles to be created for three devices.

CompanionLink Professional also features the Category Manager, so each Profile can draw data from more than one data source, like BCM and Outlook folders, ACT! and Google, all to one device.

I hope this information helps.

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