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[AB42547] I am unable to find a purchase based on the information you have provided. I can't validate a keycode until we can verify your purchase.

The fastest way to verify is for you to send me a copy of your original sales receipt. We will honor all sales receipts from organizations that resell our products and pay us for the product.

If you don't have a copy of the sales receipt please provide the following info:

1. Approximately what month and year did you originally purchase the software? Do you remember the price you paid?

2. Can you send me the possible names of who may have purchased the product. Might it have been done in the name of your spouse, company, or maybe some other person at the office who authorized the credit card?

3. Do you remember where you purchased the Product. Might it have been through a software dealer, at the Sage Add-On Store, Handango or another online store. All legitimate resellers supply us sales information, but knowing the purchase source may help us track a sale.

4. What email did you use upon purchasing the software?

5. Finally, can you send me your City and Zip code. We can sometimes find records based on sales location.

Please email me this information and I will research your purchase in our available sales records.

[AB42380] For CompanionLink version 4.0 and higher, licensing is automatically verified.

To obtain the software you simply download it from the CompanionLink website:

To Verify your software, enter the license information on the screen in the software. The most important value is the email address. This is your order key.