ERSP: OL-OL Walkthrough OL to OL Sync (Outlook Folder Sync)

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[AB42448] Below are some easy instructions on how to set up your sync between one set of Outlook folders, and another set of Outlook folders, for Contacts/Calendar/Tasks/Notes.

Here is a web page that gives general information about our sync with Outlook.

There are three steps to setup your sync; Install CompanionLink on your PC. Configure CompanionLink. Synchronize! Follow these steps carefully and your data will be synchronized from Outlook.

Please make sure you back up all related databases before starting.

Setting up CompanionLink on your PC

1. Download and install CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Professional.

2. Run CompanionLink Setup.

3. Select "Microsoft Outlook" from the first drop down menu(Select your sync target). Click Outlook Settings. In the Outlook Folders tab choose the Outlook folder you wish to use as the sync target. Click OK.

4. Select "Microsoft Outlook to Outlook" from the second drop-down menu(Select your contact manager). Click "Outlook(PIM) Settings". In the Outlook Folders tab select the Outlook folders you wish to use as the sync source.

5. Select the Applications tab and choose which options you wish to sync. Also choose how you wish these options to transfer(two-way, one-way, etc). Click OK when complete. Your sync is now setup. Please note, you may wish to check the Advanced Settings or Auto Sync options to further customize your sync.

6. To synchronize your data click the CompanionLink Synchronize icon and you should see the sync process start.

If you need additional help, CompanionLink offers more advanced support solutions.

We have our RunStart service which is a one-time setup for $49. For more information or to order RunStart see this page.

Also available is Premium Support. This gives you 5 premium support tickets for a year of service. For more information or to order Premium Support see this page.