Driver file missing error message

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When attempting to register a CompanionLink 4.0 product the following scenario occurs:

1. User clicks the Verify button in the CompanionLink registration window.

2. CompanionLink verifies the purchase, then returns a "Driver file missing" error message.

Install the latest build of CompanionLink for Outlook, CompanionLink for Palm Desktop, or CompanionLink FA from our website. No need to unistall first; you can just install over the top of the user's existing CompanionLink build -- just make sure to install the product most appropriate for the user.

NOTE: CompanionLink will generate the "Driver file missing" error message twice during the overinstall. Just click OK when you see this message. Once the install finishes everything should be ok.

Cause: The problem occurs when users attempt to register an old product using a new product code (e.g. attempting to register CompanionLink for USB (CLU) with a CompanionLink for Outlook (CLO) purchase). As far as we can tell, the only case where this happens is when a CLU/CompanionLink for Google (CLG) user manually browses to the CL website to make their purchase, instead of clicking the Buy Now button in the software.

This bug should gradually disappear as all of the old CLU/CLG evaluations go out of circulation.