Determine Outlook Profile

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Make sure that you have the correct Outlook profile selected

If you are unsure what profile you use for Outlook, this is where you can determine the correct profile name, if you have more than one profile.

If Outlook does not prompt you to choose a profile when it opens, go to the windows control panel and then go to "Mail (32-bit)".

In these settings select show profiles.

Here you will see the profiles that are present for Outlook.

OL profiles.png

From here you can see what profile is set to the default under "Always use this profile", in the above example the default profile name is "Outlook". You can select one here to be the default.

If you prefer for Outlook to prompt you upon opening, choose "Prompt for a profile to be used".

The profile that is set at any given time must match the profile that CompanionLink is set to in CompanionLink Setup.

OL profiles cl.png

Open CompanionLink setup, click Advanced Settings, then click the Outlook Profiles tab. Select the correct Outlook Profile here.