DejaOffice for iPhone/iPad - Send a log

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In order further troubleshoot the issue you are having we need to get a DejaOffice Log file from your Apple device. Please follow the steps below to turn on the Logging feature and email the log file to the DejaOffice support team.

  1. Open DejaOffice and tap Settings and select the Log option.
  2. Verify both the "Logging" and the "Debug Logging" options in the on position. Change them both to "ON" if they are not.
  3. Navigate back to the main DejaOffice screen.
  4. Reproduce the issue you are having (i.e. Run a sync).
  5. After the Sync is complete tap Settings>Log.
  6. Select the email log to Support option.
  7. A new email template will appear. Please send the email to this address.

If you have a case or ticket number, please include it in the subject line of your email.