DejaOffice for Blackberry Classic Storm

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Covers BlackBerry OS 4 through 7 (BlackBerry Classic).
For BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS, please refer to other pages.

Some Blackberry Storm devices require a specific build of DejaLink to work correctly. To install the DejaLink build needed for this follow these steps.

1. Uninstall the DejaLink currently installed on the Blackberry.

2. On the Blackberry itself, go to this link: If cust can receive emails on the Blackberry email them this link. Cust can click the link in the email instead of typing the whole path in the Internet Browser.

3. Download and install this build of DejaLink.

4. When install is complete open DejaLink, tap Settings, and you should now be able to enter the user name and password.


Some Blackberry Storm devices do not work correctly with the normal DejaLink build.