DejaOffice does not open after Droid Bionic OS update

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We have heard a few reports that DejaOffice will not open on the Droid Bionic after installing the Android 4.0.4 update that was released last week. The symptoms are:

  • Download and install the Bionic OS update.
  • Launch DejaOffice.
  • DejaOffice hangs at a black screen; it does not ever get any further than this.

Although we've heard several reports of this issue, we have not seen it ourselves. However, we've also heard reports that one of the following two procedures will fix it:

1. Try clearing the DejaOffice app cache

a) On Android, go to Settings -> Apps -> All.
b) Tap on "DejaOffice" in the apps list.
c) Tap on "Clear data" and/or "Clear cache".

NOTE: These options will NOT delete the your DejaOffice data (i.e. it doesn't affect any data stored in the DejaOffice database).

2. If clearing the app cache doesn't work, you can try clearing the OS cache

NOTE: Clearing the OS cache will NOT compromise data. It can, however, cause Android to run a little slower for a few days as it rebuilds its cache.

a) Power your Bionic down.
b) Hold volume up, volume down, and power simultaneously.
c) Use volume down to navigate to "recovery," use volume up to select.
d) You will get a screen showing an Android undergoing surgery. Press volume up and down simultaneously when you see this screen.
e) use the volume rocker to navigate to "wipe cache" or "wipe partition cache" and use the power button to select.
f) After it has finished, use the volume rocker to navigate to "reboot system now" and use the power button to select.