DejaOffice Voice Commands

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Open Application Commands

  • Open DejaOffice
  • Open DejaCalendar
  • Open DejaTask
  • Open DejaMemos
  • Open DejaExpense

Create Commands

  • Create Calendar
  (example: "Create Calendar lunch meeting at 12 pm")
  • Create Contact
  (example: "Create Contact name Jack Frost phone number 503.243.5200")
  • Create Task
  (example "Create Task pick up dry cleaning"
  • Create Memo
  (example: "Create Memo honey mustard recipe"
  • Create Expense
  (example: Create Expense Lunch for 10 dollars) 

Hint: If you are using DejaOffice voice commands from Google Now. You will need to mention DejaOffice in your commands. (example: "Create DejaContacts" or "Create DejaOffice Contacts", "Create DejaCalendar" or "Create DejaOffice Calendar", etc..

Read Commands

This will open the list view for the specified screen and trigger Text to Voice list readback mode automatically.

  • Read DejaContacts
  • Read DejaToday (reads your agenda for today)

Snooze Command

If you have an active DejaOffice alarm, and you say “Snooze”, it will snooze all alarms currently due using the default snooze value.