DejaOffice PC CRM Database Location and Backup Settings

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To access the DejaOffice PC CRM Database Settings

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM
  2. Click Settings in the bottom left
  3. Select Database Settings.

Database Settings

  1. Open Folder - This option will open the currently loaded DPC database via you Windows File Explorer.
  2. Open a Different Database - If you have created a new database, this drop down allows you to select and load any previously opened DejaOffice PC CRM Databases.
    • Note: If you only have one database file, this drop down will only contain one item.
  3. Open - This option allows you to select a pre-existing DPC database or select a shared database file on a server. Once selected, use the File Explorer window that appears to select the location of your DPC Database file. After selecting it will appear in the drop down list above.
  4. Copy - This option allows you to copy your current DPC database. Once selected, use the File Explorer window that appears to select the location you want to copy your database to.
  5. Move - Choose Move to set a new location for your DPC Data file. Create a new folder in your desired location for the DPC data, then select it File Explorer that opens after choosing Move.
  6. New - Choose this option then select a folder from the File Explorer window that opens, this will create a new DPC database set the new database location to selected.

Backup Settings

  1. Backup Database - Select this to manually create a copy of your DPC database. This backup will be stored to the current DPC data folder under Backup.
    • Note: Manual Backups are never removed.
  2. Restore Database - Select this option to open a list of any DPC backups that are stored on the machine. This will replace your current DPC data with the information from the backup.
  3. Automatic Backup - Use this drop down to set how often DPC makes an automatic backup. Backups are made at the open of DPC.
  4. Limit Backup Storage to - To prevent DPC from using up too much storage space, set this option to limit the number of Automatic backups DPC is allowed to store. After the limit is reached, the next backup will replace the oldest automatic backup.
  5. Include Pictures and Attachments - If you want your DPC Attachments and Photos to be included in the Automatic and Manual backups, enable this option.
    • Note: The more attachments and contact photos you have, the larger your backups will be.
  6. Specify Folder - Use this option to set the Database Backup folder to a different folder than where the primary database is restored.
    • Note: We do not recommend setting this to a portable drive that is removed often.