DejaOffice Move to SD card

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In DejaOffice 2.3 and higher, the option to “Move to SD card” or "Move to media area" was added. This option should only be used if the application storage area on the Android is running extremely low. The option only works on some 2.2 and higher devices. It also has a number of limitations and issues that should be taken in to consideration before moving DejaOffice to the SD card.

  • Widgets cannot be added.
  • DejaOffice will need to be opened after each reboot in order for alarms and other syncs to work.
  • Direct USB Sync (MSM) does not work.
  • When SDccard is unavailable to the device, the user may not be able to interact with records in the DJOA contacts and calendar accounts in Android.
  • When SD card is made unavailable to Android, DejaOffice alarms/sync services are auto closed by the OS and will not be running until DejaOffice is manually re-launched.