DejaLink for BlackBerry - Send a log

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1. Enable logging in DejaLink:

a) Open DejaLink on your BlackBerry device. b) Go to Settings. c) Check the box for "Enable Logging".

2. Reproduce the steps that resulted in the issue (i.e. run a sync or go through the settings)

3. View the log file from the DejaLink debug menu.

a) On your BlackBerry device, go to the DejaLink Synchronize window (this is the window with the Synchronize and Settings buttons). b) On your BlackBerry device keyboard, type the work 'debug'. This will open the DejaLink debug window. c) From your BlackBerry context menu, select 'View Log'. This will open your log file.

4. Transfer the log file.

a) Once you are viewing the log file, choose 'Transfer Log' from the BlackBerry context menu.