DejaCloud Remote Wipe for Android and iPhone

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Remote Wipe is a security feature that allows the DejaCloud user to delete DejaOffice Data remotely and prevent cloud access for a specific device.

How to Wipe your Device

1. Log into your DejaCloud account from CRM Live
2. Select "Account Status"
3. Select "Wipe Device"
4. Under the "Action" section, select the "Wipe" button for the device intended to be wiped.
NOTE: Under the "Action" section, selecting the "Clear" option (when available) will remove an established block from a wiped device and allow it to sync with the DejaCloud account again.
5. The next time the device attempts a sync with DejaCloud (either manual sync, timed autosync, push sync, etc) all data will be wiped on the device and access to DejaCloud will be disabled.