Configuring Pimlical

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NOTE: Java 8 is not compatible with the old Palm MS Access databases, so if your database has been converted in Pimlical to support Java 8 it will no longer be compatible with CompanionLink

Configuring Pimlical

To configure your PIM in your CompanionLink Setup Select Pimlical Settings:

Pimlical Settings

Once you have selected Pimlical Settings you will be able to navigate through the following tabs:



1. This option prompts whether or not the Contacts are set to sync. If the box is unchecked Contacts are not set to sync. This option is also available for Calendar, Tasks and Notes.

2. This options prompts which direction information will travel. If you select your PDA to Pimlical the information will transfer from your PDA to Pimlical, but Pimlical information will not sync to the PDA. If you select Pimlical to your PDA the information will transfer from Pimlical to your PDA, but information from the PDA will not be synced to Pimlical. The option to Sync Both Ways will allow the information from your Pimlical to be sent to your PDA, and information from your PDA will be sent to Pimlical. These options are also available for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

3. This option prompts on the next sync for the information on your PDA to be cleared, and the information from Pimlical will then be synced to the phone. This option is also available for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

  • Note: This option can only be used from Pimlical to your PDA. Please be aware CompanionLink will not perform a purge on your database.

4. This option allows you to choose the Primary Database. This means if you select Pimlical as your primary, if you delete content on your PDA the content would remain in Pimlical.

Finishing your Configuration

Once you have navigated through each of the tabs simply select OK to save your settings.