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  • Using GoldMine 6.x or earlier.
  • CompanionLink throws a BDE -1 error when attempting to sync with GoldMine.


NOTE: This needs to be performed by a user with Master Rights in GoldMine.

  1. In GoldMine, go to Tools -> BDE Administrator.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Expand Drivers, then click on INIT.
  4. Try changing the value of SHAREDMEMLOCATION to one of the following:
    • 6BDE
    • 5BDE
    • 4BDE
    • 7F00
    • 7BDE
  5. Exit and restart GoldMine.

NOTE: You may have to try several of the values in step 4 for this to work.


When the BDE gets loaded into memory, portions of it can be shared among multiple applications that require simultaneous BDE access. For whatever reason, the GoldMine API sometimes fails to load when the BDE is shared in certain memory locations. This seems to be highly system-specific, and probably also depends on whether any other applications on the system are simultaneously using it.