CompanionLink loses Outlook folder mapping

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This article applies to the following problem:

Synchronization with Outlook results in wrong or missing data on the handheld.
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After synchronization completes, the Outlook Folders tab in CompanionLink shows that the Outlook folder mapping has changed from the previous configuration.

This generally has one of two causes:

a) CompanionLink is configured to sync with an internet Outlook folder that is read-only.
NOTE: This type of folder is not synchronizable. However, you may be able to copy its data to another Outlook folder, then configure CompanionLink to sync with the folder you moved the data to.

b) CompanionLink is configured to sync with an Outlook folder with a duplicate name. For example, if you folder list in Outlook contains two folders named "Personal Folders: Calendar", you may not be able to sync correctly with either of them. The solution is to rename your Outlook folders so that there are no duplicate names.

  1. Open Outlook and press Ctrl-6.
  2. Locate the Outlook folders with duplicate names.
  3. Rename the folders so that their names are unique. (To rename a folder, right-click the folder rand choose the "Rename" option.)
    NOTE: Default Outlook folders cannot be renamed.
  4. Once completed, you can configure you Outlook folder mappings in CompanionLink to match the new folder name(s).