CompanionLink is still an evaluation version after successful registration

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Some users may register CompanionLink successfully only to find that the evaluation count down continues:

The exact behavior:

1. Enter email ( in registration screen

2. Click Verify > CompanionLink message confirms the software is Verified as CompanionLink Express/CompanionLink Professional, etc.

3. Click OK

CompanionLink then closes and reopens, but still says user is on evaluation version (x days left).

This can be resolved by reconfiguring the permissions in the CompanionLink registry key:

1. Open the Registry editor (enter 'regedit' in the Start/Run bar)

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > CompanionLink

3. Right click on the top level CompanionLink entry and choose Permissions

4. Verify that the user account is listed here & is configured for both Full Control & Read ***

5. Choose Advanced

6. Select the user is this list, and choose 'Edit'.

7. Under Permissions, confirm that all values have been set to 'Allow'

8. With the user selected, click to 'Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object'.

If the user is NOT listed here, please follow these steps to add them

1. Choose Add, then Advanced and Find Now

2. Find the user is the list, highlight, and select OK.

3. The user should be then be configured with the same permission settings as above.