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CompanionLink has been offering Outlook to Google sync for more then a decade. CompanionLink offers advance synchronization options that maximize your Outlook experience in Google, by maintaining key Outlook features. CompanionLink can synchronize your Outlook data to and/or from Google with both PC and Mac support, as well as any modern smartphone/tablet.

CompanionLink for Google and Google Apps Sync comparison


CompanionLink's Advantage

Event colors Watch Video

CompanionLink synchornizes Outlook category colors to Google event colors.


Outlook Categories Watch Video

CompanionLink manages Outlook calendar categories by using individual Google calendars. Contact categories are managed using Google groups.

Supports existing Outlook mail profiles

CompanionLink supports synchronization to any Outlook mail profile. OLprofile2.png

Outlook folder selections

CompanionLink supports synchronization to any contact, calendar, task folder. OLFolders.png

Real-Time Sync

CompanionLink supports real-time sync and provides advance settings for user define sync intervals. Realtime.png

Supports All Google Accounts

CompanionLink supports Google Apps Standard, Google Apps Premium, and free Gmail accounts.