CompanionLink doesn't run when computer starts up

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There are a few things that may resolve CompanionLink system tray icon not running at Windows startup:

1. If you are on Windows Vista or 7, Windows UAC may be interfering with CompanionLink

a) try right-clicking on the CompanionLink setup icon, then choosing "run as administrator..."

2. CompanionLink may not be set to run at startup

a) Open msconfig (for Windows Vista or 7, type "msconfig" into the start menu search box; for XP go to start menu, then run)

b) Go to the startup tab

c) Make sure that there is a check in the box next to the CompanionLink entry

d) Click OK

3. If the above fails

a) Make a copy of the CompanionLink setup icon on your desktop

b) Right-click on the copy, the choose properties

c) At the end of the target box, after the last quotation mark, type " -icon", with no quotes and one space before the dash

d) Add the edited shortcut icon to the startup menu located in the Windows start menu