Blackberry Known Issues

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Can not sync multiple calendars databases to BlackBerry

This is due to no category information stored in calendar entries

Purge and Reload will not clear categories from Blackberry

User will need to wipe categories from Backup and Restore or manually on the Blackberry

Error: "Invalid class string" when syncing, using Vista/7

This is typically caused by not running CL as admin at least once.

Right click on CL Setup, choose "Run as Admin". Verify the settings and exit. Try again to sync.

If that doesn't work, run BBDM as admin as well.

"Updating BB ID's" during sync

BB OS 4.5+ gives us unique records IDs of 0 for all records, so we assign our own IDs instead. The "updating BB record ids" message is CLs feedback for that process.

Unfortunately that process makes the sync much slower. Not much we can do about it on the initial sync, since its really a BB issue