BlackBerry Classic: Internet not available

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Covers BlackBerry OS 4 through 7 (BlackBerry Classic).
For BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS, please refer to other pages.

When when setting up or syncing a BlackBerry wirelessly over the CompanionLink Secure Hosted Wireless Sync Service, you may receive the error "Internet not available". This indicates that DejaSync is currently unable to connect to the internet.


  1. Check the web browser on your handheld. Is it able to connect to the Internet?
  2. Power down the BlackBerry. When the power is off, pull out the battery and wait 3+ minutes. Return the battery, then power back on.
  3. Check your TCP settings on the handheld.
    1. On the BlackBerry, go to the Home screen.
    2. Go to Advanced options.
    3. Go to TCP.
    4. Make sure that your settings match the settings on BlackBerry's TCP list, or BlackBerry TCP Settings.

DejaLink should now successfully connect to the internet & synchronize without issue.