BDE Session Failed

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BDE Session Failed


  • Using Goldmine
  • Error message: 'BDE session failed to load with a -1'.


'BDE session failed' is a generic GoldMine error. By itself, it means nothing other than that there is some kind of problem. In order to properly fix this error, you must know what the rest of the error message says. This indicates where the problem lies.


Listed below are common BDE errors and hints for fixing them. Please try these things first, as misconfiguration is the most common cause of BDE errors. If none of these help, make sure that you are on the most recent version of CompanionLink that you are registered for. BDE errors are more common with older builds, as many improvements have been made in GoldMine database access.

Note: All errors should be recreateable by clicking on the Category Field tab in CompanionLink Setup. If you do not get an error on this tab, but are getting the error elsewhere, then a different problem is indicated.

Could not open GM license file

This error is typically caused by having GoldMine open at the same time as a CompanionLink process. Closing GoldMine will generally resolve it. (Note: If this problem is chronic rather than random, please contact our Technical Support department.)

Please check the executable path, user ID, password and database

Recheck these settings. To do this:

  1. Disconnect your handheld.
  2. Open CompanionLink Setup.
  3. Click on Settings. If the user profile screen appears, click Next.
  4. Click Next and Configure.
  5. On the Executable File tab:
    • What is the executable file? This line should contain the same path as the shortcut used to launch GoldMine. To check this, right-click the GoldMine shortcut and choose Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab and then examine the Target line. These should be identical.
    • Is your username filled in?
    • If you use a password, is one filled in?
  6. On the Database tab:
    • You must select your database from the drop-down menu instead of using Browse.
    • Is your database currently present in the drop-down menu?
    • If you open GoldMine and look in the lower lefthand corner, is the name there the same name as is selected in CompanionLink?

If you are using GoldMine SQL, you will also need to make sure that your SQL Login and Password are entered in GoldMine. See the section below, 'Could not find the GoldMine calendar database, SQL only'.

Could not find the GoldMine calendar database

Check all of the items under the section above, 'Please check the executable path, user ID, password and database.' The GoldMine calendar file is linked to the executable path. This must be correct in order for CompanionLink to find the right calendar. One of the chief signs of this problem is the database path on the Database tab in CompanionLink Setup has been browsed to. If your database is listed not in the dropdown menu, then generally the executable path is wrong.

SQL Only

  1. If you do not have Master rights in GoldMine, someone who does must logon to GoldMine.
  2. Go to the File menu, then click Configure and User's Settings.
  3. Click on the user name in question.
  4. Press the Properties button.
  5. Select the Access tab.
  6. At the bottom of this tab, the "SQL Logon name" and "SQL Password" must be filled in with the correct values in order for CompanionLink to log in.
  7. If values needed to be filled in, press OK at the bottom of the Properties dialog when done. (You should not have to restart GoldMine or reboot).
  8. Reconfigure CompanionLink.