Automatic Outlook and Google Sync

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How to enable Google Real Time Sync in Companionlink

NOTE: The following settings are required for Google Calendar Real Time sync to function properly. Real Time sync for Google is only available in CompanionLink 6.0.

  1. Open CompanionLink > Settings > Google Settings
  2. Under the email address and password field, enable OAuth.
  3. Enable Use Calendar v3 API.
  4. Click Okay

Next, simply choose the Real Time Autosync setting in CompanionLink.

  1. Click Advanced > Auto-Synchronization tab
  2. Select the Real Time sync option.

NOTE: Make sure CompanionLink has been completely minimized to the system tray only. An easy way set this correctly is to simply click the "x" in the top right corner of the CompanionLink main window. The last remaining Companionlink icon will only be present in the system tray.

The icon will spin when an autosync starts.