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Auto-Synchronization Settings


These settings allow you to specify when you would like CompanionLink to automatically synchronize. They can be used to specify times during the day at which to synchronize as well as time intervals.

1. Open CompanionLink and click Settings on the left.

2. Click Advanced in the bottom left.

3. Find the Advanced Settings tab at the top.

4. Select an Auto Sync option:

  • Realtime - This option detects changes added to the selected Database and adds them to\from the Device within a few seconds.
  • Every "" - This option sets an auto sync at an interval of your choosing.
  • Daily "" - This option sets an auto sync for once a day at the selected time.
  • Manual - This option allows you to control the CompanionLink sync manually.

Sync Time - This option allows you to further specify when the selected auto sync can take place.