Advanced Troubleshooting for syncing a Windows 8 Device via Wi-Fi

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Issue: Unable to Connect to remote Device over WiFi while attempting to sync using CompanionLink from your PC.

From Your Device: Please follow the steps below to insure that you are connected to your home network.

  1. On your device's home screen swipe to the right and tap on "Settings"
  2. Scroll down and tap "Airplane Mode"
  3. Turn on "Airplane Mode"
  4. Tap the "Back Arrow"
  5. Scroll up and tap "WiFi"
  6. Turn on WiFi
  7. Tap on the "Network Name" that you are connected to
  8. The first line is your IP Address
  9. Tap the "Windows Home Key" on the device
  10. Tap the "Internet Explorer" Icon and browse to "" this will verify that your phone is actually connected to the internet.
  11. Tap the "Back Arrow" till you are back to the home screen
  12. Launch "DejaOffice" on your device
  13. Tap Settings
  14. Tap WiFi Settings
  15. The IP Address should now be populated and most likely it will match the IP address found in Step 8
  16. Tap the "Back Arrow" twice

From CompanionLink on your PC:

  1. Run "CompanionLink Setup" from your desktop or start menu.
  2. Select Window Phone 8 from the first drop-down option (Select the device you want to sync with...).
  3. Select Local Wifi Sync from the second drop-down option (Select your sync method...), and carefully read through the prompts. Next please enter your Windows 8 Phone's IP here. NOTE: You will need to enter the IP address and device name you saw in DejaOffice (DejaOffice Settings > Sync Settings)
  4. Select Microsoft Outlook from the third drop-down option (Select your PC or web database...).

Follow-up After Sync: Once you have completed the Sync please remember to take your device out of "Airplane Mode".