Act! Protexis Provider Error

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Act! Protexis Provider errors are related to the Act! Licensing server change announced in Fall 2018. More information can be found Here.

If you are seeing a CompanionLink error ACT API error: system reflection target invocation exception, use the steps below to resolve the issue.


1. If you own a license to Act! 18 through 21, you can update your Act! installation from Act! Updates Here.

  • Be sure to download the correct update according to your current version of Act!

2. For older versions of Act! if you need to recover your data, you can install a 30 day trial of Act! 21 by downloading it Here.

You can also purchase a local copy of Act! Pro v21 for $299 Here.

  • Select Act! CRM tab to find the $299 version of Act!

3. You can switch to DejaOffice PC CRM Express, which is a simple PC based CRM tool. For more information click Here.