ADB Mode release notes

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04/18/2018 build 131

  • Added support for S9 and S9+

08/30/2013 build 130

  • Added support for Droid Ultra.

04/24/2013 build 129

  • Added support for HTC One.

03/25/2013 build 128

  • Added support for several Sony Xperia devices that weren't included in earlier version of DejaConnectADB.

03/06/2013 build 127

  • Added support for Sony Xperia ST27i.

01/18/2013 build 126

  • Added support for U.K. Nexus 4.
  • Added support for an addition miscellaneous Motorola device.

01/11/2013 build 125

  • Added support for Lenovo IdeaPad A2107.

12/28/2012 build 124

  • Added support for Nexus 4.

12/14/2012 build 123

  • Added support for Pantech Element.
  • Added support for Alcatel One Touch OT-997d.
  • Fixed issue where the driver might not work for some 7" Galaxy Tab devices. Older versions of the driver need to be removed for this version of the driver to work correctly for the 7" Galaxy Tab.

11/20/2012 build 122

  • Added support for additional Kindle Fire HD devices. Apparently some Kindle Fire HDs have different hardware IDs than others, so older versions of the driver may not have worked with all Kindle Fire devices.

11/19/2012 build 121

  • Added support for Lenovo A1 IdeaPad.

11/05/2012 build 118

  • Added support for Kindle Fire HD.

11/01/2012 build 117

  • Fixed an issue where the driver might not load correctly for a few Galaxy SIII phones. This was due to a few SIII's that have hardware IDs differing from the usual.

10/03/2012 build 116

  • Added support for Le Pan TC970/979 tablets.

9/25/2012 build 115

  • Added support for Toshiba AT300\Excite 10 tablet.

9/14/2012 build 114

  • Added support for Motorola Razr M.

9/05/2012 build 113

  • Added support for a few additional Galaxy Nexus phones. Previous versions of the driver already supported most Galaxy Nexuses, but apparently a few have hardware IDs that weren't covered prior to build 113.

8/30/2012 build 112

  • Added support for Asus Transformer 300 tablet.

8/16/2012 build 111

  • Added support for a few miscellaneous Android devices with unknown hardware vendors.

8/06/2012 build 110

  • Fixed an issue where the adb driver could load for the wrong interface on Galaxy SII/III. This was due to the Samsung C1's interface sharing the same hardware ID with certain models of Galaxy S. This issue was incredibly obscure and is unlikely to have affected more than a handful of users.

7/18/2012 build 109

  • Added support for Nexus 7.

7/16/2012 build 108

  • Added support for most Pantech Android devices.

7/12/2012 build 107

  • Added support for Archos Android tablets.
  • Added support for a few miscellaneous Acer devices.

6/21/2012 build 106

  • Added support for Sony Tablets P and S.

6/12/2012 build 105

  • Added support for Lenovo ThinkPad tablets with Android OS.
  • Added support for a few (obscure) Android devices using Nvidia Tegra processors.

6/11/2012 build 104

  • Fixed issue where Samsung Galaxy Note CDC serial interface would sometimes load DejaConnectADB driver. This could prevent DejaConnect from working with Galaxy Note.

6/8/2012 build 103

  • Added support for Samsung Galaxy SIII.
  • Fixed issue where a few Samsung devices might fail to connect to DejaOffice after loading the driver.

6/4/2012 build 100

  • Added support for Sony Xperia S, U, P.
  • Current version supports most other Android devices on the market.