ACT sync to Blackberry Classic missing calendar records

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Covers BlackBerry OS 4 through 7 (BlackBerry Classic).
For BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS, please refer to other pages.

There can be several reasons why not all calendar events sync from ACT! to the Blackberry.

If the Calendar application is missing records, or does not display on your Blackberry device try the following steps first:

1. Power off your BB Handheld.

2. Remove the Battery from your device and wait about 30 seconds.

3. Insert the battery into you BB Handheld and Power the device on.

Your BB Handheld may take several minutes to powe ur and reboot.

Verify the Calendar Application now displays on the device. If these steps do not fix the problem, or if your BB Handhed does not have a removable battery, follow the steps below.

Open CompanionLink Setup and go to Settings. Go to Configure for ACT!

On the Applications tab, make sure both Calendar and Tasks are selected. By default, Meetings and Calls sync to the Calendar, and To-Do's sync to the Tasks.

On the User ID tab, verify the correct ACT! users are selected.

If you make any changes, click on Apply to save them. When done in the settings, click on OK.

On the Blackberry, open the Calendar and go to the Menu. Choose Options, and for each Calendar listed here, select it and make sure "Wireless=No" is set.

Also, in the Blackberry Desktop Manager, go to Backup & Restore, and then Advanced. NOTE: The Blackberry needs to be connected to the PC for this.

Once Advanced loads, on the right side of the screen scroll down until you see "Calendar" listed. Verify that you do see "Calendar", not just "Calendar - All" or "Calendar - Options".

From the main CompanionLink window, go to Options and choose "Reread PC data on next sync". Then sync again.

Do the missing records sync this time?