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Contact histories & Notes

Both ACT! contact notes and ACT! contact histories sync with the contact note field on the handheld device.

Contact note items will appear on the handheld device prefaced by the text "(Note)"; contact histories will appear prefaced by the text "(History)".

To enter a history item on the handheld device, create a contact note prefaced by text in the following format: "d/m/yyyy H:MM AM/PM (History)"

For Example:

"1/6/2011 1:15 PM (History) Meeting was held on merger of two..."

Any text entered into the device contact note that is not formatted as a history item will sync to ACT! as a contact note.

By default, CompanionLink only syncs contact notes from ACT!. You can enable synchronization of ACT! contact histories in CompanionLink, under Advanced Settings -> Note Options.

My Record contact notes sync to Notes app

Many devices such as BlackBerry or Android/iOS running DejaOffice, have an application called "Notes" similar to Outlook's Notes. ACT has no similar application inside of it.

Under the ACT "My Record" contact, if you add a Contact Note and add an asterisk (*) in front of the note. This will sync to the Notes applications on BlackBerry or DejaOffice for Android/iOS.