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Where Does CompanionLink sync memo's/notes to in ACT!?

Memos created on the handheld sync to My Record in ACT! as contact notes. These notes will appear in ACT! with an asterisk (*) as the first character of the note text. To create a new memo in ACT!, create a new contact note for My Record with an asterisk as the first character.

How do I specify event type on my Device?

To specify what appointment type something is on your phone you will want to start the appointment subject with (Meet) or Meet- for a meeting, (Call) or Call- for a call, or (Todo) or Todo- for To-Do's. If you have chosen to use abbreviated types you will use (m), (c), or (t) respectively. For Example:

3:00 (Call) Followup for CompanionLink Original formatting 3:00 Call-Followup (CompanionLink Support) for description followed by link name

How do I find out how many records I have in ACT!?

  • For Contacts: Go to lookup and select all contacts. Then you will see a box at the top of the list tht lists the number of contacts you have.
  • For Activities and Tasks: Go to the task list view, Change Dates to "Show All dates." The screen will display the total number of each activity type at the bottom of the screen.