DejaOffice PC CRM

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A PC based lightweight CRM for daily customer contact, tracking, scheduling and sync!

  1. Apps pinned to PC Desktop - Update your Calendar without opening an App!
  2. Easily search, call, look up, email and text a Contact in seconds
  3. Contact, Calendar, Tasks and Notes
  4. Contact User Defined fields - 9 total, one indexed
  5. A native Outlook Plugin

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Four Flavors of DejaOffice PC CRM

DPCS - $49.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Synchronizes from Palm Desktop, Outlook, Google (2 profiles) - Beta Dec 15, Release Jan 1, 2019

DPCO - $99.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Plugin for Outlook - Runs inside of Outlook as a Java based Add-In - Beta Dec 15 without Plugin, Release Feb 1, 2019

DPCX - $149.95 DejaOffice PC CRM Express (Act!, IBM Notes) (3 profiles, OL), Deals, Histories, Reports - Beta Dec 15, Release Mar 1, 2019

DJCP - $249.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Pro - (GoldMine, SalesForce) Multiuser - 5 user license $50 per user - Accounts - Edit reports. - Beta Mar 15 - Release May 1

Introductory pricing will be about 20% lower until full release (2qtr 2019)
**Profiles are 1) for the named PIM, 2) for Mobile and 3) for Outlook. So 3 Profiles for Act! means when you enter a contact into DejaOffice PC it syncs simultaneously to Act!, Outlook and Mobile.

Essential Features of DejaOffice PC CRM:

  1. Apps pinned to PC Desktop - pin Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to your PC desktop.
  2. Contact Phone Number – Shows local time for Contact, Pops dialer on your cell phone
  3. Tasks - Option of Franklin Covey Priority style
  4. Tasks/Schedule linked to a contact without an invite
  5. Task/Schedule completion prompts for follow up
  6. MemoPad - Useful Notes
  7. Record View Screens for all Applets (Outlook does not have view screens, one screen for full view)
  8. Drag and Drop emails to create Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Drag from Outlook or Google.
  9. Contacts view shows next contact (future), and history (emails and appts)
  10. Button to make a dated Contact, Calendar, Task or Memo Note
  11. Templates – Speed data entry using Templates for standard appointment or task types
  12. Group scheduling (Calendar only) create schedules for multiple people
  13. Contact User fields, up to 9, then 20, then 20.
  14. Expenses
  15. Deals (Opportunities) with close date and percent for monthly reporting.

We are using Microsoft's Fluent Design spec for a really nice User Interface. What we have so far is pretty nice.