Put a Calendar on your Wallpaper! Free for a blank calendar. Inbox purchase for Outlook and Google data feed.
Free US Based Telephone Tech Support! Buy risk-free with a full money-back guarantee!

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DejaDesktop Calendar Wallpaper for Mac and Windows

Free Monthly Calendar with look ahead months! Data feeds available for Google and Outlook calendars - See today's schedule, this month, contacts and tasks on your desktop!

DejaDesktop Wallpaper by CompanionLink

Calendar Wallpaper for your PC and Mac

  1. Month view is Free!
  2. Low price for Outlook/Google feed - see your day's events
  3. Overlays an image of your PC calendar onto your wallpaper
  4. Not a live widget. Does not affect CPU performance.
  5. Updates automatically when you change your calendar.
  6. Use any wallpaper picture
  7. Free USA Based Telephone Technical Support

Available Data Feeds for Mac

Available Data Feeds for Windows

*Easy to Set up!
DejaDesktop Wallpaper
  1. Install DejaDesktop on your PC or Mac
  2. Configure
  3. Updates Automatically

Setup Guides:
DejaDesktop Wallpaper for Mac
DejaDesktop Wallpaper for Windows

Really like but . . .
By Sharon L
on Nov 18, 2017
Love having my calendar on my desktop and like the customization.

But would prefer that it be transparent as I like have my background change daily.

And I am having issues with it updating when I make changes in Outlook (2016), will check with tech support.
Great Program...dont need Outlook open
By Alan M.
on Aug 28, 2017
Easy download and install. Minimal set up needed. No more keeping Outlook open, then minimizing and maximizing to check the calendar.
Great enhancement
By Al B
on Aug 8, 2017
I'm very impressed with the DejaDesktop Calendar. I particularly like the flexibility of selecting what’s displayed on the desktop. It is also presented in such a way as to not be a distraction yet readily accessible. Great enhancement for DejaOffice.
DejaDesktop for Windows
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Average rating: 4.86 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $29.95 1 Computer - $49.95 3 Computers.

What makes our software unique

  • Free US-based telephone support
  • Full support for Categories and colors
  • Supports contacts, calendar, tasks, notes

Supported versions of Mac OS

Supported versions of Windows OS

Download Free Monthly Calendar
14-Day Trial for Data Feeds!

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