HP webOS sync software

Sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes between your PC and HP webOS. Works with Microsoft Outlook and many other CRM databases.

CompanionLink Palm webOS Sunset

Oh! Palm how we loved you!

In the beginning, there was the Palm Pilot, created by Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky.

Palm was bought by 3Com. Jeff and Donna quit and created Handspring.

Handspring bought Palm from 3Com. Handspring renamed themselves Palm.

Palm split into two companies, PalmSource (Palm OS and Palm Desktop) and PalmOne (for Hardware).

PalmSource sold to ACCESS in Japan and turned into a zombie.

PalmOne renamed themselves Palm. But they didn't own Palm OS, Palm Desktop or Hotsync.

So Palm made Palm webOS, one of the most spectacular mobile business failures not known as Blackberry.

Palm had a lucky break, sold themselves to HP, who then laid off the staff and killed the product.

CompanionLink was eight years old when Palm Pilot was introduced. Palm Pre went bust five years ago. So Palm was born, grew up and died twice, while we watched.

Unfortunately, we do not support Palm any more. We are sorry.

Palm webOS data is locked. We can not get it off the units. We can only recover what is on your PC or backups.

We still support Palm Desktop. If you have data there, we can help you sync to Android and iPhone.

Sync software for HP webOS

"This has been a great life-saver for me since after I gave up my Palm 650." - Barry K

"Love this application. I use it for both a Palm Pre Plus and my Droid Global!" - Jack B

"Transferred and synced all my Outlook contacts and calendar appointments to my Pre 2... it works faultlessly!" - Peter J

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