Wireless Synchronization for Palm OS Devices

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These instructions describe how to set up CompanionLink to sync wirelessly with a Palm handheld. ALWAYS back up your data before installing new software or making changes to your configuration.

1. Download and install CompanionLink on your computer.

2. Double-click the CompanionLink Setup icon on your desktop to start the configuration wizard, then click Next on the language screen to view the Handheld PDA Settings screen.

3. Select Palm Sync Thru Web Service as your PDA name, then click Configure.

4. In the Connect window, enter your desired username and password to create a web account on our server.

5. Click the Payment Info button, then enter your credit card information to start your free 14-day trial.

6. Click OK, then OK again, then Next.

7. Select your contact manager, then click Configure.

8. Configure your contact manager settings as appropriate, then click OK, then Next and Finish. CompanionLink will automatically begin synchronizing your Contact Manager data with your web account.

9. On your Palm, download and install the DejaPalm application from: http://www.companionlink.com/mobile by selecting the "Palm OS Device" option.

10. Launch the DejaPalm application from the Application Loader on your Palm.

11. In the DejaPalm application, select the Configure button, then enter the same username and password you entered in CompanionLink, then select OK.

12. Select the Synchronize button to begin synchronizing your handheld.